Equal pay row could trigger deluge of claims

The widespread incidence of gender pay gaps in both the public and private sector could trigger a deluge of legal claims.

The issue was first highlighted earlier this year when the BBC published a list of its most highly paid presenters and celebrities. 

Coupled with the Supreme Court’s ruling on employment tribunal fees, this could lead to an increase in unfairly paid employees seeking advice on their options for legal redress.

Following the introduction of tribunal fees in July 2013, the number of equal pay claims dropped by around a third.

The Supreme Court’s ruling, that employment tribunal fees were indirectly discriminatory and therefore unlawful, should not encourage claimants who believe they have a case to now pursue a claim.

Despite the fact that the BBC received such a negative press when the gender pay gap story broke earlier this year, it would appear that they are not the worst culprits. The BBC recently commissioned a report into pay differences throughout the Corporation and discovered a gender pay gap of 9.3 per cent – roughly half the national average.

Their data, if reliable, suggests that there are many more employees from other sectors, who have been unfairly discriminated against, which could lead to an upturn in legal claims.