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Secretarial Jobs

Limited companies must comply with a wide range of statutory requirements, including the submission of annual company returns and maintenance of various registers, which are normally dealt with by a company secretary.

Some private limited companies, which are not legally required to have a company secretary, can find that dealing with these requirements places extra pressures on limited resources.

Outsourcing these responsibilities offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to dealing with these issues in-house, freeing up the time of directors or other staff.

Moore Thompson Chartered Accountants in Spalding, Wisbech, Market Deeping and Peterborough offers a bespoke company secretarial service to private limited companies of all sizes, from those with a single member to those with many hundreds. Our services include the maintenance of:

  • The register of directors
  • The register of directors’ residential addresses
  • The register of secretaries
  • Register of members/shareholders
  • Register of allotments of shares
  • Register of transfers of shares.
We can also:
  • Submit company annual returns
  • Produce and submit statutory forms to Companies House
  • Produce details for dividend payments, including vouchers and electronic cheque data for you or your bankers
  • Assist with register entries and payment schedules for share re-organisations
  • Produce share certificates for distribution to members, deal with the cancellation of shares and register new members or existing membership changes.

We only charge for the work carried out, with no upfront or retainer fees, and if a company does not use us for a given period, we do not charge for holding the information on record.