Liz Hopkins is the clerk of Cowley’s Endowed Schools Foundation, a charity which provides grants to the primary and secondary schools in Donington, Lincolnshire and to individuals who either attend, or have attended, those schools. As a charity, the foundation is required to submit accounts to the Charity Commission to show how its money has been spent.

Moore Thompson has acted as the charity’s accountant for many years and certainly before Ms Hopkins took over the role nine years ago. Such loyalty has been inspired by the firm being “very approachable and efficient”.

Each year representatives from Moore Thompson visit the clerk’s office to go through the books of the charity. Ken Maggs then prepares the draft accounts, which are submitted to the Charity Commission after being approved by the trustees.

“As Moore Thompson is experienced in preparing charitable accounts, the team is proactive in telling us when the accounting requirements change. The firm keeps up to date with these amendments and asks us for the right information in order to ensure that the charity complies with all the requirements.”

“The team at Moore Thompson is always very easy to deal with, very approachable and they handle everything efficiently.”

In addition to preparing the accounts, Moore Thompson also provides ongoing advice regarding matters of an accounting nature which affect the charity.

“I appreciate the fact that Moore Thompson is proactive in keeping us informed as to changes in relation to charity accounts. It ensures the trustees do everything properly. For example, Moore Thompson advised us that the trustees should put money aside in a sinking fund to cover the cost of future repairs to the properties owned by the charity. They also highlighted the fact that the charity had not spent sufficient of its income in one financial year.”

“Ken is our main point of contact as the partner incharge. He is very approachable, which makes my job easier, as does Moore Thompson’s efficient approach. Therefore, based on my experience, I would be happyto recommend Moore Thompson.”