As a consultant who was previously director of engineering at both London Underground and Railtrack, Professor Brian Mellitt requires a professional services provision that he can rely on.

According to Professor Mellitt, that is exactly what he receives from David Turpin of Moore Thompson, who has acted as his accountant for the last 13 years.

“When I set up my consultancy business, I asked the bank manager in Peterborough to recommend an accountant. He gave me two names and, after meeting with them, I found I liked David,” Professor Mellitt explains.

“I have stayed with him as he is reliable and competent. David is a first class individual, very conscientious and very professional.”

During that time, David has continuously and reliably done all of the VAT work, taken care of the annual accounts and provided good advice on how things should be done.

“He has a sense of what is right and what is not,” says Professor Mellitt. “David knows what is right and does it right. If something is close to the edge, he will tell people that. If I raise something, he will look into it and say ‘perhaps not’ if it is not the right thing to do. He is very competent.”

Professor Mellitt also received advice when he wanted to wind the business down. While it entered into a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL), Professor Mellitt will continue to work by setting up a partnership with his wife that provides the same service.

“David knew about Entrepreneurs’ Relief, so he could advise about the tax relief available and did a good job,” says Professor Mellitt.

“I will also continue to use David’s services for my personal accounts and investments as it is important to have a good accountant – and David has been very helpful.”

“If anyone asks me to recommend an accountant, I will always name David, as he is very conscientious and competent.”

“I am comfortable that my accounts are prepared properly and in the correct form. David is a first class accountant and I am lucky to have found him. He is a good, hard-working accountant who recognises the qualities of his junior staff and gets the best out of them – which is something I appreciate.”