Payroll has changed drastically with the advent of new technology and changes to the rules surrounding the national minimum wage and workplace pensions – it can sometimes feel like too much.

That’s why it makes sense to outsource your payroll function, so that you don’t have to worry about falling foul of the law.

Payroll for the Care Sector

Did you know… the Care sector also has one of the highest average number of employees on the payroll with 45.7 employees?

We offer payroll services specific to the needs of the care sector including:

  • Payroll software that can accommodate a large number of pay components
  • Payslips with space to clearly lay out all the separate pay items, rates and hours worked for an employee
  • Easy distribution of payslips to employees who work across multiple sites and are not desk-based

Payroll for the Construction Sector

Did you know… that whilst the headcount of the average construction company is around 13.1 employees, the sector is in the top ten when it comes to outsourcing payroll?

Changes in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) have caused many headaches for businesses operating in this sector.

We offer payroll services specific to the needs of the construction sector, including:

  • Automatically verifying your subcontractors online
  • Processing monthly CIS returns providing subcontractor statements
  • CIS deductions and CIS suffered calculated, taking into account the cost of materials, VAT, CITB levy, retentions, fees, insurance charges, subs and holiday funds.
  • We also include your CIS when telling you your liability at the end of the month

Payroll for the Hospitality Sector

Did you know … The average Hospitality sector payroll is twice as large as the cross-industry average – 66.4 employees?

We offer payroll services specific to the needs of the hospitality sector including:

  • Many employees in this sector speak English as a second language –which may hamper their understanding of their pay and their payslip
  • High turnover of staff means processing numerous new starters, and a lot of P45s for leavers
  • Peaks and troughs around seasonal work, key social events and holidays causing workforce fluctuations

Why Outsource?

  • More cost-effective to outsource than hiring a fulltime or part-time resource
  • No need to have payroll expertise in-house
  • Payroll takes up too much time – lack of resources
  • No need for internal employees to see all of their colleagues’ pay details

The dangers of non-compliance

Failing to stay up to date with the latest changes to statutory pay rates or workplace pension contributions could lead to a fine or see your business named and shamed publicly.

The Government takes a far stricter view of non-compliance than it ever has done before and holds employers to the highest standards.

Failing to comply risks you losing the trust of your employees and could have a significant effect on the profitability and reputation of your business.

On the horizon

One of the key issues of the moment is the Government’s proposed Good Work Plan. This proposal aims to improve the working conditions for hundreds of workers and employees in England and Wales and is likely to have an impact on the way many people are paid.

While the formal introduction of the Good Work Plan has been delayed and is yet to be legislated for, employers need to be ready for its implementation. To give you an idea of what this will entail, we have provided a link to the Government’s guidance.