Specialists in
SRA Accounts
Rules Compliance

Compliance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) Accounts Rules, to ensure that clients’ monies are comprehensively safeguarded, is essential for every practice.

At Moore Thompson Chartered Accountants in Spalding, Wisbech, Market Deeping and Peterborough, we are experienced in preparing annual accountants’ reports for solicitor firms, in line with SRA rules. As well as preparing the reports, we can also identify areas for strengthening and enhancing systems and controls.

We understand that Compliance Officers for Finance and Administration (COFAs) may need support in identifying breaches of the SRA Accounts Rules. In isolation, a single breach may be trivial but it could form part of a series of incidents that together form a material breach, so systems need the capacity to identify such patterns.

Moore Thompson can assist with regular reviews to check breaches identified by the COFA and assess whether any breaches have been missed. We can also assist in identifying and correcting weaknesses in systems and controls.

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