The resurgence in agricultural research – Rejoining Horizon Europe

By Rob Blair, Partner and ARA specialist 

The recent decision for the UK to rejoin Horizon Europe, the world’s most substantial multilateral research collaboration programme, promises to inject the agricultural industry with fresh perspectives and innovative approaches.

A welcome return

After six months of intensive negotiations, the Government has successfully brokered a deal that has brought about the UK’s return to the Horizon Europe programme. This programme brings together over 40 countries and an assembly of scientists and companies, encouraging shared innovations in critical areas including agricultural science, climate adaptation, and food security.

Mapping the journey

The partnership, which comes with an impressive budget of £85 billion, was initially crafted as a segment of the 2020 post-Brexit trade agreement. Despite initial hiccups stemming from discussions regarding the Northern Ireland trade setup, the pathway is now clear for UK researchers to work in areas that promise to revolutionise the sector.

What lies ahead for farmers

For farmers, this development has created a number of opportunities:

  • Direct engagement – Farmer participation programmes offer individuals the platform to influence the agricultural industry actively.
  • Adoption of sustainable techniques – The initiative encourages farmers to embrace state-of-the-art, sustainable farming practices that maintain productivity while safeguarding the environment.
  • Advancements in animal welfare – Farmers can look forward to better-informed approaches to livestock nurturing, championing health and welfare through scientific research.
  • Guaranteed membership until 2027 offers a substantial timeframe for UK researchers to secure grants and lead projects that could redefine the UK’s agricultural domain.

This rejuvenated alliance with Horizon Europe marks a hopeful chapter for farmers, with prospects of innovative solutions and sustainable practices.

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